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Exercising an arthritic dog.

If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, you may be tempted to stop exercising him for the risk of further aggravating his joints. Whilst exercise restriction can be useful during a sudden flare-up of arthritis to allow the inflammation in the joint to settle down, continuing to exercise your dog is generally a very important part of managing the condition. Exercising can help keep joints flexible, while improving strength and range of motion. It also plays an important part in maintaining a healthy weight for your dog. Your vet will advise you on the most appropriate regime for your dog.

Choose lower-impact activities.

When exercising an arthritic dog, try to choose lower impact activities to minimise strain on the joints. Swimming is an ideal low-impact sport that a lot of dogs love, but unfortunately, is not always feasible. When you are taking your dog out for walks, consider walking on softer surfaces such as grass (in the park, for example).

Try physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy can be beneficial for dogs with arthritis. One option to consider for a dog with arthritis is hydrotherapy, which can improve the symptoms of arthritis. Hydrotherapy generally takes place in purpose built pools that allow safe, controlled swimming for your dog. Swimming helps build muscle mass, which will support the joint. It is a very low impact exercise, which won’t aggravate joint pain.

Consider supplements to help your dog exercise more freely.

Your vet may recommend a joint health supplement containing ingredients such as glucosamine. These supplements can help to support joint health in both healthy dogs and dogs that have already been diagnosed with a joint problem. Supleneo flex is a tasty joint supplement containing the key ingredients that can help support joint health. Learn more about Supleneo flex.

If you have questions about exercising your arthritic dog or if you are concerned about weight, talk to your vet.