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Help keep your dog’s joints healthy with regular exercise.

Simple and regular workouts, such as playing fetch or going for a leisurely walk in the park, can make a big difference to your dog’s health, and can actually help to reduce the risk of joint problems in the future.

Focus on light to moderate exercise.

One thing to keep in mind when exercising your pet is not to overexert. Since arthritis is caused by the weakening of joint tissue and cartilage, cycling quickly while pulling your dog, for example, might actually be detrimental to your dog’s joints and increase the risk of problems later in life. Light to moderate exercise, on the other hand, can not only help prevent your dog’s joints ‘seizing up’, but can also be an invaluable tool in keeping his weight down.

Use exercise to help keep the weight down.

Being overweight can cause several health problems, including putting too much strain on his joints. If your dog is overweight, your vet may recommend a combination of a lower calorie food and more or different kinds of exercise. Regular, moderate exercise can be more beneficial than irregular short bursts of intense exercise.

If you have questions about exercising your dog or if you are concerned about weight, talk to your vet.